I’m Tired Of Being Consumerism’s Bitch – SMART-er Goals

consumerism goals

You know that moment when you feel like you’ve experienced déjà vu and are living the same thing over and over again; yep that’s consumerism. Forcing a round peg into the square peg of consumerism is no longer working; I attribute it to a new level of maturity/growth that I have reached. It’s called I have […]

Frugal Fall Weekend – Can You Freeze Kale?

freeze kale

While loads of other people were hiking through the beautiful foliage in Halton Hills, and believe me it is quite beautiful, I decided to take a different trek through the weekend. Being outdoors is one of my utmost enjoyments year round, well, aside from -40 degree winter days, and although I wasn’t out of doors […]

Why Did I Get Back On This Ride? I WANT OFF NOW!

keep calm stop shopping

Step right up, step right up folks and witness the death defying, dare devilish, wizardry of our high wire artist. You’ll see things you’ve never seen before! Watch as she spins in circles, over and over again all while trying to keep her lunch down. And, after that amazing feat, ladies and gentlemen, she’ll go […]

My Shopaholic Mind: How many times a day do you think of shopping?

confessions of a shopaholic

What does a week of journaling your shopaholic habits get you? A lot of shock, awe and insight into a shopaholic mind and its driving forces. When I decided to start working towards a no clothing spend year, I thought part of the exercise should include delving into my mind and its habits towards shopping. […]

Controlling The Urge to Shop

obi wan

No one said it would be easy and so far, it has not been.  Emotions play a strong role in our desire to shop; even our day-to-day circumstances can affect how we feel about shopping. Bombardment comes on a daily basis with advertising, branding and our lifestyles of convenience that push us to the local […]

September 2014 Monthly Recap


September the kids head back to school, vacations end and everyone is back at work full time. After not having a vacation for the entire summer, I decided to jet off to #Fincon14 in New Orleans for a few days’ vacation and the conference.  I had a fun time and my favorite place in New […]