Adventures in Hawaii – Week 2 and a Half Roundup


Today’s my last day in Hawaii and I’m super sad to go, as I always am. I need to get my hustle on so I can live here at least 6 months of the year. The only things that bring me back home are my friends and my cat Maggie, there’s nothing else holding me […]

An 11 Cent Frugality Challenge & Updates


Can you believe I’m already thinking about challenges for the month ahead while I’m on vacation? I MUST be sadistic or something when I’m spending the last few days of vacation wondering what new experiment or challenge I can do when I get back. What’s really going on is the planner in me has taken […]

Adventures in Hawaii – Week 1 Roundup


Aloha and greetings from the land of paradise!  I’m once again escaping the Canadian winter to visit what I like to believe is where I should be living, or, for the time being, my second home – The Big Island of Hawaii. I make the journey at least once a year and do my utmost […]

What 12 Days on a Cleanse Taught Me About Frugality

diet frugality

Being on a diet cleanse is more or less akin to being locked in jail but a good jail, not one where you’re tortured and possibly beaten. Think Mary Poppins but without the spoonful of sugar. So my 12 days are up and I must admit, I am feeling fan-tas-tic! I lost a few pounds […]

How to Make the Airport a Frugal Experience

airports frugal

You spent what for water?! Everyone knows that travelling and airports can be a daunting experience for your wallet. It’s sad that the most needed and basic of survival items is the most expensive at airports – a good old bottle of H2O. A simple 500mL bottle of water can run you the same price […]

Our Illusions About Money – Can We Change Them?


Our society runs on money, everything we do in our daily lives is controlled by small pieces of paper that in their pure essence are valueless; yet we place an extraordinary amount of value in money. We must possess it. We must have more. We believe we must be a part of the collective consumerist […]

Can Spenderella Come Out and Play?

spend budget

It’s disconcerting to realize how easily some bad habits can just pop back into the picture. Like a thief in the night lurking around the next dark corner, waiting to pounce as you walk by – BAM! They whack you over the head and when you wake up, your life has been altered, usually for […]