A Week of Financial Speak

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I spent most of my weekend in Toronto contemplating starting over financially again, creating an even stronger plan and going after my financial goals with more fervour. As I have written many a time before, I am frustrated with the impact that my emotions and moods have on my finances, they create an uncontrollable demon; […]

Friday Link Love: Hey Big Spender

big spender

Worried by the title? Don’t be. I didn’t go out and spend like Imelda Marcos on shoes this week; I’m just getting all prepped for the end of September budget recap.  From here on in, it’s going to be like a firefight straight outta Firefly. If you’ve never seen Firefly and like Star Trek, it’s […]

August 2014 Monthly Recap

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I’m sad that summers almost over but like Debt Debs said in her Reasons I’m Happy I’m not going to Fincon post, let’s enjoy Indian summer for all 9 minutes of it. I still claim that Mother Nature is suffering from menopause. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold. You get the point… Wishful thinking but […]

Friday Link Love: Blogger Meet up, Mad Props and Financial Feelings

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Like the title? It could literally be the title of a strange new soap opera. Although it hasn’t been a soap opera week, it’s been a very interesting one. I attended Blonde on a Budget and Mo’ Money Mo’ Houses blogger meet up in Toronto and had a fabulous time. We all shared our budgeting […]

One Chair At A Time

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Okay weird title, I’ll admit it. This is personal finance right? What do chairs have to do with it? Stick with me. Abundance. That is all my generation (FYI: Gen X) has known – everything in excess and all the conveniences available 24/7. Don’t have it but want it? Don’t have it and can’t afford […]

Friday Link Love: A September to Remember

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Happy Friday my friends! I am in an excessively good mood this week and no, it’s not because of the 30+-degree weather we’re going to have in Toronto this long weekend. Sure, it’s a bonus of course as I’m hoping to get outside and do some cycling, but other things are finally falling into place. […]

Back to Basics: Living on Salary Only, Forget the Bonus


When the poop hits the fan, sometimes you gotta go back to basics. I spent some time this past weekend hitting the numbers and crunching the budget to make things work again the way they always should have. It was time to get back to living on just my salary and forget my commission, that’s […]