Third Time’s A Charm – One year wiser, one year wealthier blogiversary


Every May 23rd signifies a milestone here at Budget Bloggess, it’s that time of year when I decided to start blogging and most importantly, decided to take financial responsibility of my life. Although I’ve had struggles and felt I haven’t made progress at times, surprisingly I have made significant progress over these three years. Yes […]

Things Spenderella Did When I Wasn’t Watching #6 – Time


Imagine, if only for a short moment, a world without your inner Spenderella, the urges to shop, and the never-ending desires to possess beautiful clothes. How would that feel? Wouldn’t your wallet love that? Now imagine what you would do with all those resources; time, money, and energy that Spenderella mercilessly withholds from you. Think on […]

April 2015 Budget Recap

may 2015 budget recap

What a joyous month April is, it’s the gateway to spring and the ending of a most frigid winter. Wait. It snowed mid April and temperatures in the Toronto area ranged from -5C to +25C, what the hey is going on? Seriously, Mistress Mother Nature is going through some major menopause with her hot and […]

Things Spenderella Did When I Wasn’t Watching # 5 Love a Challenge!


Oh the shame! Spenderella was cowering in shame this past week having to return the insanely overpriced makeup brushes I bought to Sephora. I put $87 smackeroos back in my pocket thanks to your and my better judgement. Sometimes a good public shaming works wonders. Imagine a public stoning for being a shopaholic?! Yipes! I’d […]