Go Away Black Friday! You are Detrimental to my Budget

black friday

That feels a little ominous, doesn’t it? Kind of like Winnie the Pooh singing, I’m just a little Black rain cloud. Ah, I love Winnie the Pooh, and much more than Black Friday. I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering over your honey tree….hmm..hmm.hmmm. Yikes. In all reality I would like Black Friday to […]

Fab Friday: A Sense of Financial Conquest

mary poppins

Happy Friday friends! It is truly a happy Friday because, can you believe it? The Big Spender has left the building. Yep, I am actually having a fantastic budgetary month. Through some miracle I have yet to determine, I have only spent $1876 of my $3691 budget and there is only one week left in […]

The Tides Have Turned: I Own Stocks

warren buffet investing

Investing in the stock market has always baffled me to no end. Add onto that the dilemma of whether to start investing while I have debt and we have another ball of wax entirely. It has been debated by many a personal finance expert that the returns you achieve may never outweigh what you’re paying […]

Fab Friday – Kickin’ It Old School

beastie boys kick it goals

Its update day and we are kicking it old school.  Yea, I know, as if you need to hear me blather on about updates in my life. Well, I have nothing but good news and who doesn’t like good news? It might prove to be pretty interesting. Especially considering the fact that I have been […]

A Thousand Times I’ve Said Today

money tree

I have always wondered how much money I’ve made in my lifetime; it’s one of those calculations that you normally do not consider sitting down and tabulating. As I rifled through past years tax returns, T4 slips and paystubs, the numbers flashing before me like road signs; I reached for my trusty calculator and furiously […]

October 2014 Monthly Recap – It’s Time


It’s time. Plain and simple. Time for a change, time to cast off all my misconceptions about what life expects from me and just go for it. October and November are the gateway to a new level of growth and finally, thank god, a new way of thinking. I have begun to question all the […]

I’m Tired Of Being Consumerism’s Bitch – SMART-er Goals

consumerism goals

You know that moment when you feel like you’ve experienced déjà vu and are living the same thing over and over again; yep that’s consumerism. Forcing a round peg into the square peg of consumerism is no longer working; I attribute it to a new level of maturity/growth that I have reached. It’s called I have […]