Can you stop the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle? The YNAB Rule 4 Experiment

divergent budget

It’s scary to contemplate that for almost 16 years I’ve lived paycheck-to-paycheck. With each new job, every new salary bump, lifestyle inflation crept in. Before you blink, you’ve bought a house with zero down, bought your first new car in years thinking you’ve worked hard so you deserve it instead of a used one, you’ve […]

How YNAB stacks up: The first 30 days


Budgets. Don’t you just love them? Come on, I know you do! What you don’t love is living paycheck to paycheck, am I right? Two things will stop that cycle: 1. A rock solid budget, and 2. Budgeting software that keeps you on track. Sure, you might be a pen and paper type of budget […]

Why you should show up every day for your finances


Life is busy – it’s beyond busy. Even without kids, I find it hectic. I have no reasonable idea of how parents do it all and I praise you. With life moving at an increasing pace each day, things can easily get lost in the shuffle. Including your finances. We put things on autopilot and […]

The Conundrum of the Shopaholic Co-Worker

shopaholic coworker

A few weeks ago, I was out with a co-worker having lunch, when we got on the topic of stress and spending. We work together regularly on a particular account and at times; it can be an overwhelming and stressing situation. Especially when all cogs in the wheel aren’t running smoothly. This particular day was […]

The Fitness Routine of a Finance Blogger


It’s my belief that a happy, healthy body equals a sharp, focused mind. I’ve found that exercise is a daily requirement to reduce stress, anxiety, self-doubt and keep my mind sharp. When I don’t exercise, all hell breaks loose. I’m dead serious. I feel like crap, can get a bit depressed, and generally lose most […]

July 2015 Budget Recap

july 2015 budget recap

Hello Budget fiends! Yes, I said fiends instead of friends this time. You are a friend and you’re a fiend for budgets, right? You want cold hard numbers and to see how a reforming shopaholic spends saves her money and lives. Barely I might add. More on getting off the paycheck-to-paycheck ferris wheel in a […]