One Uber Frugal Month Down, One Not so Frugal Month Coming Up

uber frugal

What could make just about anyone do a happy money dance, without winning the lottery? Yep, you guessed it, passing an Uber Frugal Month challenge! While it was by no means a perfect month, it was my FIRST attempt at an Uber Frugal month and quite honestly, I did well. There will be blips… As […]

How’s That For Dedication? Why I Cancelled My Trip to the UK


If I could spend all my time doing one thing, it would have to be travelling. Sure, long layovers suck, getting stranded in LAX overnight and having to sleep in a chair wasn’t fun, but hey, I’ll take it if I get to see cool places and experience amazing things. That’s why cancelling a trip […]

Minimalist Me & Uber Frugal Month Update #1

uber frugal

It took me a year of mistakes learning in 2014 to get myself to this awe-inspiring position I find myself in. Although inspirational, it has not been easy and I believe that’s what has made it enlightening – 22 days of focus and determination (plus all of 2014 if you want to count that). At […]

Did That Just Happen? I Broke the Mirror Off My Car!

did i do that

You know those moments when you consciously watch something happen, like you’re seeing it happen in front of you and you just let it continue to happen? Yep, that was last Thursday for me when I decided to back out of the garage and watch the driver’s side mirror snap off my car. Doh! Or […]

This is My Frugal Dad – Lessons in Frugality


For all the frugality I was surrounded with growing up, I often wonder why all of it didn’t stick. Teenage rebellion maybe? Who knows! I sometimes feel like a two-headed monster as I can be extremely frugal with some areas of my budget and others, well, I head to the extreme Spenderella side of things. In […]

Uber Frugal Month: Live Like a Starving Artist

uber frugal

One of my “feel good” visual goals was to Live Simply and to live like a starving artist. So, I’m taking a page right out of Frugalwoods and challenging myself to an Uber Frugal Month for January. The end result being that I hope to continue “uber frugal” for the remainder of the year. But, […]

Minimalist Me – A Look Ahead at 2015


2014 seemed like the year where I was hitting the snooze button all throughout it. Although there were successes, it was definitely not a stellar year of action taking, more so procrastinating. Even though I am disappointed with my financial misdemeanours throughout the year, I’ve let it go and turned the page on a new […]