What is Life Asking of Me? Changing my Financial Character

financial character

There are times in our lives when we stop and think on where we’ve been, where we are going and what type of person we want to be. We contemplate the reasons why we’re here, ponder on that nagging feeling that there’s “more”, and that longing deep within asking us how we can serve the […]

Has Spenderella Given Up Her Glass Slipper? No Spend 3-Month Update

spenderella no spend

On Sunday, I ventured out into the first truly amazing 17C degree-day of spring and spent an hour and a half walking 11.86KM’s through nature. Going for a long, long walk ala Forrest Gump gives you a lot of time to meditate and contemplate the goings on with your finances. And contemplate I did…to the […]

March 2015 Budget Recap

march budget recap

It was with great apprehension that I went into March with new habit forming challenges. In the back of my mind, I was concerned that adding more changes on top of already trying to be uber focused on a no spend year could be disastrous. To my great surprise and sheer happiness, it was a […]

Budget vs Spending Plan – Let the Battle Begin!

budget vs spending plan

I can’t stand the term “Spending Plan”. It just makes me crazy, like really, really crazy. Crazy enough to make me want to launch computer monitors off really tall buildings. Although that sounds like loads of fun, I’m not a violent person. The term just stinks of avoidance. I see it as a way out, an […]