Surviving A Trip To One Of Toronto’s Most Fashionable Shopping Malls

yorkdale mall

It’s the time of year again when tennis comes back to Toronto and I curse the organizers for having the volunteer orientation at one of Toronto’s most fashionable malls – Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Yorkdale is every fashionista’s dream come true with stores like Tory Burch, Tiffany’s, Kate Spade, Holt’s, Salvatore Ferragamo and the list goes […]

Friday Link Love: Cars, Networking and Beauty


Happy Friday! With all the focus on fitness, finances and career, it’s been taking away from blogging. Throw in there a bit of dating and I feel like Elastigirl from The Incredibles being stretched everywhere. The good news is that I’m making progress in all the aforementioned areas and I’m super excited. You know when […]

Spenderella, Money Looks Better In The Bank Not On Your Feet


Spenderella adored the feel of the supple white leather pumps on her feet; they made her feel like a real princess and a lady. The boost of confidence she felt made her want to strut around like royalty, they were perfect. She turned, whirled, and posed in front of the mirror, wanting more than ever […]

Friday Link Love: What a Unique Week


I am in email bliss. It’s not a marketers dream of course, unsubscribing from virtually all emails I get from retailers, but it’s done and it is heaven! It usually takes time to kick in when you unsubscribe, but when it does; you have a week like the one I just did. No constant bombardment […]

I Challenge Thee to a Duel: Save vs. Spend

duel challenge cat

Save. Spend. Budget. Spending Plan. Debt. Income Growth. Debt Repayment. Assets. Liabilities. How many times have you challenged yourself to create a budget or spending plan? How often have you told yourself you will commit to conscious spending instead of buying on impulse? The list of commitments is endless, the attempts at trying and failing […]

Friday Link Love July Goals & The Need to Read

stack of books

It’s always a struggle to fit in both blogs on my RSS Feed and books on a regular basis, some books I love, others I find drier than the turkey from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Books that engage me, like #Girlboss that I’m reading now or ahem, romance novels, I can finish in four hours […]

June 2014 Monthly Recap

budget pig

I am ecstatic, overjoyed and astounded with June. What a great month and it ended on an amazing note;  more than ever I am determined and motivated to move into Toronto and get my own condo. It’s a done deal in my mind, even though I am scrounging like a fiend to come up with […]