Budget vs Spending Plan – Let the Battle Begin!

budget vs spending plan

I can’t stand the term “Spending Plan”. It just makes me crazy, like really, really crazy. Crazy enough to make me want to launch computer monitors off really tall buildings. Although that sounds like loads of fun, I’m not a violent person. The term just stinks of avoidance. I see it as a way out, an […]

Why It’s Important To Be An Active Participant in Your Retirement


Have you ever had a time in your life where you put things on autopilot? I suspect that at least once in your life you’ve put either your entire life on autopilot or maybe just a particular area of it. It’s what us humans lovingly call our comfort zone or the illusion of safety and […]

You Know You’ve Converted to Frugalism When…

live with less frugalism

Happy Friday my friends! I started thinking more about things in general this week, I know, bad idea for me to start thinking! But I wondered (there’s a better word!), who says you’re frugal? Are there frugal auditors or possibly the GOD of Frugality (think Thor), where a booming voice comes from nowhere and says […]

Cut and Run: Why I Quit My Home Phone and TV


Who wouldn’t want an extra $100 a month in their pocket? That’s $1200 a year towards getting the heck out of debt. I get a little frustrated thinking about the years past of paying into the sham of satellite TV and home phone service. The sad part is, I hardly use either service. More and […]

Updates, Rants and Mindfulness

past present eckhart

It’s been exactly a week since returning from vacation and A LOT has gone on. I’ve settled into a few of the challenges I set out for myself for March and I’ve had a few shocking wake up calls to our crazy, crazy rat race that we’re constantly running. Let’s just say, I now know […]

Spenderella’s Net Worth Is Improving

net worth

Slowly but surely, Spenderella is transforming into Saverella and the one thing that will keep me on track to financial freedom will be to regularly post net worth updates. Can you believe the last one is from June last year? Last year was discouraging and once that set in, I lost sight of certain goals […]

February 2015 Budget Recap


February started like a lion and was crazy busy both with work and my personal life, but thanks to the vacation time I had, it went out like a lamb allowing me to destress. Each year, I look forward to and am grateful for the time I can take to visit what has to be my […]