Friday Link Love: A September to Remember

long weekend link love

Happy Friday my friends! I am in an excessively good mood this week and no, it’s not because of the 30+-degree weather we’re going to have in Toronto this long weekend. Sure, it’s a bonus of course as I’m hoping to get outside and do some cycling, but other things are finally falling into place. […]

Back to Basics: Living on Salary Only, Forget the Bonus


When the poop hits the fan, sometimes you gotta go back to basics. I spent some time this past weekend hitting the numbers and crunching the budget to make things work again the way they always should have. It was time to get back to living on just my salary and forget my commission, that’s […]

Is Prince Charming Worth Sacrificing Your Finances Over?

katy perry prince charming

I am an idealist, a traditionalist and a romantic by nature; what a zany combination for one person to have, isn’t it? I am also fiercely independent and stubborn to the letter, it’s quite possibly the very reason I rebel against my budget quite often. No shopping? No new clothes? Bah! I will do as […]

Fun Finance Pins To Get You Through The Week

money talks finance

After splurging yesterday on a $5 tub of yummy Crème Brulee Gelato from Be Good in Toronto, I was feeling rather icky when I got home (dairy allergy and I like to torture myself) and was in search of something to make me feel better. Let me clarify, the gelato was unbelievably good but the […]

What If Buying Something Cost Years Off Your Life?

time money cost

Time is money. Money is Power. Without it, our world comes to a grinding halt and the economies of the world cease to exist. The almighty buck…makes me both crazy and disgusted thinking that it rules our lives; instead of things like love and happiness. What if there was no such thing as money? What […]

Friday Link Love – Where’d I put my Goals?


Have you seen my goals? *think have you seen my stapler* I seem to have misplaced them for August. You know that you are getting busy with life when you set your goals on the back burner and forget them until they are burned to a crisp. I realized late last night that I had […]

What’s in a Name? Reassuming your Name After Divorce


Do I hafta change my name back? Ugh. It’s about time you procrastinator. I had thought I was resigned to the fact I would keep my ex’s last name but something in my brain tells me it has to go. For just over three years, I have carried around my ex’s last name and it’s […]