The Frugal No Spend Year Ahead – Lust for Life not Stuff

no spend frugal

It’s not that I don’t practice frugality; it’s that I don’t do it well enough. I am sure that many of us could take a lesson or two in how to be more frugal. The sad truth is that many of us don’t challenge our frugality limits for fear of being labelled cheap. Frugality and […]

This is my Frugal Dad – The Best Christmas Gift Ever

this is my frugal dad

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, Christmas is here! Today, Christmas is a ménage a trois of consumerism, materialism and shopaholic madness; many of us have long lost the true spirit of Christmas.  Credit cards have made Christmas go from great to beyond extravagant, but at what expense? Sadly, it is our futures […]

This Is My Frugal Dad – Beginnings


Where do we get our frugality from? How do we form our money blueprint? Do our parents have that much influence over our money decisions? I received several requests from readers asking about my dad and how he achieved his retirement dream of Hawaii at the young age of 46. Welcome to the first in […]

November 2014 Monthly Recap

november monthly recap

What is the one budgetary thing you can get excited about? Yep, either being on budget or really darn close. This month, I got really darn close. Of course, closies only really count in horseshoes but you know, I’m counting it. After all, I managed not to spend thousands on clothing OR exceed my income […]

Beating Black Friday and Budgetary Bliss

black friday

What did you buy on Black Friday? Anything? Did you fight the throngs of shoppers willing to be disrespectful and push you aside all for $500 worth of plastic, diodes and computer chips, otherwise known as a TV? I’ve never been one for crowds in shopping malls, crammed parking lots or people that will push […]

Go Away Black Friday! You are Detrimental to my Budget

black friday

That feels a little ominous, doesn’t it? Kind of like Winnie the Pooh singing, I’m just a little Black rain cloud. Ah, I love Winnie the Pooh, and much more than Black Friday. I’m just a little black rain cloud, hovering over your honey tree….hmm..hmm.hmmm. Yikes. In all reality I would like Black Friday to […]

Fab Friday: A Sense of Financial Conquest

mary poppins

Happy Friday friends! It is truly a happy Friday because, can you believe it? The Big Spender has left the building. Yep, I am actually having a fantastic budgetary month. Through some miracle I have yet to determine, I have only spent $1876 of my $3691 budget and there is only one week left in […]