Saturday Style – The New No Shopping Challenge


My new fashion challenge has been going ahmazing so far, it’s only halfway into the month and wait for it — I am going to praise myself for sticking to it. Yea me! Did I buy anything? Yes. In the first week, I bought one top from Ann Taylor that was too pretty to pass […]

The Pain Factor: When Friends Make Fun of your Spending

coach borough

I am of the mind that when people make fun of certain aspects of your life, it’s usually because they are jealous that they can’t have a similar lifestyle. This past weekend we had a girl’s night out which we haven’t had in a long time and I was very much looking forward to the […]

Would You Do Yardwork To Have Cheaper Rent?


Spring is here! The mountains of snow and ice have finally melted away in the GTA and we were blessed with a 21 degree day on Sunday. What better thing to do than get outdoors? With the arrival of spring, it also means that my snowbird parents will be back in Canada shortly from their […]

Five Questions To Get You Fascinated With Your Finances Again


I’ve been on a reading rampage again, trying to absorb as much information as possible, to learn new ideas that will give me a different perspective on life. There always comes a time when we realize it’s time to change again, time to up our life level to a completely new blissful spot. Life should […]

March 2014 Monthly Recap

march 2014 monthly budget

March was a roaring lion month and the end of my three month over budget spree, I can no longer sustain going over budget aka “Living beyond my means”.  It also marked the coming together of my wardrobe or deconstruction – take your pick. I blame it all on my own dissatisfaction with certain areas […]

Forecast for April: Sunny with a Chance of Money Rain

money tree

Ah, April what a month! April Showers bring May Flowers, or in my convoluted world, it would be April Showers bring Money Trees but that doesn’t rhyme so well. Spring is finally here and this harsh Canadian winter appears to have given up its grasp on us, at least I’m being confident it has, I’d […]

Can’t Live Without Stuff? Monday Morning Humor

george carlin stuff

For Monday, I wanted to start the week off with some humor because April is going to be a lot of hard-core pain trying not to spend a dime on clothing or anything frivolous. Many of you have said that it’s going to be hard going from spending to cold turkey on clothing; my belief […]