Things Spenderella did when I wasn’t watching 10 – Plateau, what plateau?


Plateaus. We hit them. In career, fitness, relationships and finances, they’re inevitable. It’s what we do at the plateau that builds strength and character. New habits are formed. If we push past into the unknown, truly amazing things can happen. We grow. We divide and conquer. We become debt free and no longer riddled with […]

Charitable giving while in debt: To give or not to give?

charitable giving

When was the last time you gave money to an organization other than a bank? Many of us contemplate charitable giving but worry that with our debt load, it can’t be done. What if I told you it should be done and should be at the top of your list? There comes a point in […]

Freaky Friday: Where’s the Budget?

where's the budget

Fun thing, surveys. There’s a survey and corresponding statistic for almost everything out there. You can even get paid to take surveys (I do this for travel reward miles). Stats Can keeps an alphabetical list of surveys; there’s a Cement survey if you can believe it. Just in case you wanted to know how much […]

Why I’m not going to resist anymore

steven pressfield war of art

Why do we forcefully resist many of the great things in life? We are so consumed with both success and failure that we unavoidably end up resisting most of our lives instead of living them. So, I surrender. Resistance distracts us by building addictions. Shopping addiction is one of them. Boredom is another. Over the […]

Get your Net Worth on Spenderella

Get your net worth on

We’re kickin’ it old school Missy Elliot styles today because Spenderella is crazy excited that her net worth is on the up-up-up!! I know you feel me now I know you hear me loud I scream it loud and proud Go, get ur net worth on! Go, get ur net worth on!   Okay, Missy […]

Confessions from a Shopaholic: Mo’Money Mo’Houses Podcast Ep 9

podcast shopaholic

Hello, hello everyone! I’ve got something exciting for you all today! I had the fantastic and super fun opportunity of being a part of Jessica’s podcast from Mo’Money Mo’Houses. In episode 9 of her podcast, we’re chatting about the struggles I’ve had with being a shopaholic, plus a bit about our frugal dads and how […]