Saturday Style: The Wardrobe Revamp Part 1

Audrey hepburn glen cove suitWhat does every working woman need? Answer: The proper corporate wardrobe with staple pieces that will work season-to-season, wear well, are comfortable and ultimately, they need to last! Spending $5000 a year on clothes is not my idea of financial fun; my fashion ego may love it but the wallet doesn’t.  When I say corporate, I don’t mean stingy suits for everything; you have to consider your work culture, image and the environment of your workplace. And of course, every woman needs a casual wardrobe that can be dressed up or down. My wardrobe was having an imbalance of casual compared to work; it was overflowing with casual, which included many mismatched items.

My closet was overwhelmed with pieces that were too big, too small or too trendy. They didn’t co-ordinate with anything else, were not functional at all, and it was overflowing with too many mismatched casual items.  Every woman gets nervous when it comes to trendy pieces and for good reason – they can be expensive and may end up being worn only once. Trends often get tossed into the far reaches of our closets only to take up space and never been seen again for at least five years.

I realized that my wardrobe needed to get back to my roots – classy, timeless and sophisticated ala Audrey Hepburn. My mind tends to wander at times with my wardrobe and I get off the mark and fill it with useless garments; again not financially wise. Thank goodness for consignment!

How did I get back to my fashion roots? I focused of course. I focused on the type of job I have (Field Sales), I focused on the job I do want, and I focused on the look I was after: simple, classic corporate. Now I do love color and don’t want to be in blacks, greys and whites, so this is where blouses and sweaters come in and accessorizing!

The Wardrobe Revamp Part 1

What was I after on this shopping trip?

Work: Suit, Dress shirts/blouses, Work dresses – one basic black, one patterned, basic sweaters that could cross from work to casual

Casual: White Blazer for spring/summer, other than that I have it covered already!

Accessories: Black Belt, Two necklaces, Spanx (every girl needs these!), a pair of black and nude nylons

Shoes: One pair of black dress shoes

The Spend $2038.11 

Still to come: Five blouses, a patterned wrap dress, which will add an additional $400


Putting it all Together:

  1. Suit + White Dress Shirt + Black pumps
  2. Suit + Oxford Stripe Dress Shirt + Black pumps
  3. Suit + Black Merino Sweater + Grotto Pendant Necklace + Black pumps
  4. Black Dress + Black Heels + Pearls or Palm Leaf Statement necklace
  5. Black Dress + Belt + Black Heels
  6. White Blazer + Vibrant Flame Merino Sweater + Dark blue skinny jeans + Palm Leaf Statement Necklace
  7. White Blazer + Black Merino Sweater + Dark Blue Skinny jeans + Grotto Pendant Necklace
  8. White Blazer + Oxford Stripe Dress Shirt + Black Skinny Jeans + Pearls
  9. White Blazer + L&T Dobby Stripe Dress + Pink pumps
  10. White Blazer + Tracy Reese Patterned Skirt + Black tights/nylons + Black flats or pumps
  11. Black Merino Sweater + Tracy Reese Patterned Skirt + Black Tights + Black flats pumps
  12. Black Merino Sweater + L&T Poly Satin Birdcage Skirt + Black pumps (option to add black nylons or tights)
  13. White Dress Shirt + L&T Poly Satin Birdcage Skirt + Black pumps + Palm Leaf statement necklace

This is only mixing and matching the items I purchased on this shopping trip, if I add in the items I kept in my wardrobe, I have the 8-10 outfits for both casual and work. The nice thing about the suit is it is made of a four season wool which will work year round.

Once I figure out how to get setup taking my own self-portraits with my fancy camera, I’ll try to get a few shots of these outfits put together so you can get a better idea!

There you have it, my recent shopping trip to get the wardrobe staple items that I hope will last me a minimum of two years.

What do you think? What does your wardrobe look like? Have you gone minimal too?


  1. YES! Self portraits please :)

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