Saturday Style: The Discovery

Well slap me silly and call me Shirley…

That’s quite possibly too melodramatic and calling me Shirley would only be having me answer to my mother’s name.

Maybe it would be better to say I’ve had an epiphany…I have lots of those by the way, too many at times it seems. Anyhou, enough with epiphanies and on to the point. I’ve decided to change my strategy towards fashion to see what happens. I am going to indulge my fashion demon every Saturday again, which involves writing a weekly post and researching it. I may or may not purchase clothes…most likely I will just drool and wish I had no limits aka Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

As long as I keep it to wishing and not overspending, it’s all good. The main mission here is to pay off my debt so I can buy a house, make a big closet (Carrie Bradshaw styles) and then buy lots of clothes – until I have kids and then I’ll just buy them lots of clothes. How’s that for hope oh wondrous stars in the sky!

To the point…

I had been craving fashion/style blogs and at first, it came in the form of Thrift and Shout; it’s a blog where Lindsey Turner, who is a thrift shopping addict, showcases her thrifty budget fashion finds, and then I had the great idea this week of hitting up the Google verse for Top Canadian Fashion blogs. Well, lo and behold, the skies parted, people walked on water (or 5 feet of snow if you’re just North of the GTA) and I found some fantastic fashion blogs to start reading!

My first find was The Backseat Stylers based in Toronto, and when I read it a week ago, it was the launch of the 424 Fifth Avenue Lord and Taylor collection available at The Bay. Talk about coveting! If the shoe fits… :)

After seeing the collection, I was addicted. It was classy, yet bold. I loved it! So, I went searching on and was disappointed, not much of the collection was available online as of 03/14 (and still isn’t today). Well, what would any fashionista do? I headed straight to the store and I ended up happy! I was in heaven with all the covetable fashion! I ended up purchasing:


424 birdcage skirt


424 dobby stripe fit and flare dress


424 metallic and print blouse

I was disappointed, however, in their trouser selection, the styles were fab but the sizing was Ack! In brands like J.Crew or Club Monaco, I normally wear a 2 or 4…well…the 424 Lord and Taylor collection is very small in their pant sizing. A small seemed like an extra small and their size 4 seemed like a 2. Even when I tried on a 6 it still seemed a little too snug. Very strange considering a size 4 skirt and dress both fit fabulously from their collection. Problems on the 4 front for pants with 424 maybe? (Sorry for the puns) Ah, blame it on my curves, all these skinny pants don’t fit so well when you’re an hourglass. Regardless, it is a wonderful collection and I look forward to seeing what they show for summer.

The next blog find was I’m Charming You, which was adorable. Oscar Wilde quotes everywhere and “no snobs” are allowed, as fun must ensue! I found it very informative on all things Toronto.

Other Fashion Blogs I’ve Found and am Following:

Coco & Crowe

i Want I Got

A Spoonful of Style –  I love the cravings section, as that is mostly what I do when it comes to fashion…crave and covet.

What Am I Craving and Coveting?

All things Emerson Fry! Any purchase here will have to wait until I have money saved up; they’re super expensive but ultimately a quality piece of US Made Clothing.

A Capsule Wardrobe – meaning less is more and more is quality not number of pieces. I am purging my closet yet again using some strategies I found at Go Girl Finance in creating a Work Wardrobe – I am missing a suit and have been for quite some time.

I’ll start cleaning out my closet this weekend using GoGirl’s strategy of grouping by Office, Weekend and Why the Hell do I own that!? The golden rule – using what is in my closet, create 8-10 outfits from the office pile without repeating any one item more than 3 times.

Five Steps to A Professional Wardrobe: Spend Less and Feel Like Yourself 

Anything that is old, no longer fits or is a misfit in my closet will go to consignment or donate. And no, this is not an exercise in clean out the closet so I can buy more. Not so – it is my goal to have a minimal “capsule” type wardrobe to make it easier when dressing for work; removing the “overwhelming” factor each morning.  The only investment that will be required will be a suit.

How’s your Saturday? Have you made any budget worthy fashion finds?


  1. Emerson Fry is a brand I am coveting as well (obviously, I’ve been featuring them a lot). Going to check out those style blogs now..

  2. Maybe I shouldn’t have told you about Emerson Frye LOL!!

    • Michelle says:

      LOL! It’s alright, they are nice clothes and they’re made in the US. I’m getting tired of the poor quality these retailers are pumping out that are made in China. I haven’t bought anything yet…key word…yet LOL!

  3. I’m just happy to know that there are personal debt bloggers that have a weak spot for fashion! And cosigning on Emerson Fry creating gorgeous things.

    • Michelle says:

      LOL! I have a big weak spot for fashion, it’s the #1 thing that messes with my budget. Emerson Fry clothing is so nice, hoping to get something from them soon.

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