What Makes A Frugal And Fun Weekend?

It’s 6AM and I awaken to the squeak of my bedroom door being launched open, then a cat thudding onto the bed and a fuzzy, purring face in mine. If my cat Maggie could speak English, I am sure it would be an endless repetition of “Feed me, feed me, feed me, please feed me, I’m not going anywhere until you feed me.” And so she turns around, lies down and patiently waits for me to wake myself enough to sit up in bed. I swear she lies in wait for the sounds of me stirring in the morning, then she pounces and waits, every so often crawling on me, and nudging me to wake the heck up. Like clockwork, I’m usually up by 7AM and starting the day. I have no real set routine but as with any frugal weekend, it involves meals at home.

The Idealistic Makings of a Frugal Weekend

I had the chance to begin my weekend at Taste of Toronto and it was foodie heaven. I had a gal pal with me and it was several hours of catching up, eating, drinking and laughing. We started out with a wine tasting which had us comparing the differences between New Zealand and California wines. It was the second wine tasting I’ve ever been to in my life and where better to have it than in one of the historic buildings in Fort York and for $5 you couldn’t go wrong. After the wine tasting, we casually made our way around the site, searching for our first foodie experience, it came in the form of falafel and might I add screaming falafel. Every order was shouted to the heavens as loud as possible and had me in stitches after one of the staff shouted falafel whilst pointing at me. It was a riot! I asked him if it was my new nickname and he agreed it would be suitable for me. The falafel was to die for; it was an eclectic mix of flavors with sour cabbage and a green chili sauce, heaven! We quickly realized the portions were a good size and if we wanted to try more places, we should share.


Next up was a Crispy Rice Salad from Khao Sun Road, which was a different way to experience rice. It was deep-fried, mixed with pork sausage and flavoured with lime, cilantro and peanuts. Yummy!

taste of toronto crispy rice

The last experience was not to be missed, I told my friend very matter of factly that I had to try the lobster poutine. I have never had anything like it before and meeting Mark McEwan was pretty awesome too. He was operating The McEwan Group booth all weekend, how cool is that! Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the poutine as we devoured it quickly it was so good.

Total cost $70

Ticket was $50, which included $30 of “crowns” to buy food

$5 for Wine tasting

$15 for two bottles of Juice Matters “The Real MC”  If you want an amazing cleanse drink that tastes great and isn’t too spicy, this is it. I’ve tried others before that had cayenne in the ingredients and it was just too overwhelming, Juice Matters have it just right with a perfect balance of Maple Syrup, Lemon and Chili. I’ve been drinking a small glass the past few mornings and I’ve been feeling great. I can’t wait to try more of their products.

juice matters the real mc

After the few hours we spent at Taste, we made a vow that for next year’s go round we would attend an evening session, book a hotel and make a girls weekend of it.

A Perfect End to My (fairly) Frugal Weekend

Sunday morning I decided I’d head to the bookstore and start researching my new career direction (more on that later in the week), so off to Indigo I went and spent an hour reading and leafing through books. The frugalista in me was scanning ISBN numbers from books into my library’s mobile app to see what I could get on loan instead of buying. Thankfully, I left the store only spending $26.64 on of all things, an IPhone case and a severely discounted Minnie Mouse moleskine journal. I am a fiend for journals, I write like a mad hatter in them most of the time.

love phone case

Daily reminder of the most important thing in life!

After leaving Indigo, I sat in my car deciding whether to go home and stare at my bedroom walls for the rest of the afternoon or do something I normally wouldn’t do. Being the adventurer I am, the latter won out and I pointed myself in the direction of Lake Ontario. Thirty minutes later, I was in Downtown Oakville, parking my car (free on weekends), grabbing a Starbucks Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino ($1 off with a coupon code) and walking straight for the lake. It was in my mind to sit for a while and scribble in my new journal.

When I got to the lake, I sat down on a rock and stared in amazement at all the sailboats and yachts on the lake. I have always wanted a sailboat, no idea why but I just always have, it would be fun to sail around the world. After finishing my frapp, meandering past the marina, and taking a few snaps, it was noon and I was headed back to my car.

I finished the day back at home, going for a walk and with some reading.

Total Cost $4.69

What’s My Most Frugal Weekend?

The ideal summer weekend for me is being outside as much as possible, avoiding shopping malls and getting plenty of exercise. It means not using the car either, the car costs money! I was happy to get out this weekend and do some different activities, I’ve been much too accustomed with staying closer to home, and the weekend consisting of reading, cycling and long walks. It’s frugal, as in free, but sometimes you need a change. The books and movies I have on the weekends are borrowed from the library and cycling involves heading down the street and into the back roads of Halton for a 25-50KM bike ride.

What was your most frugal and fun weekend?



  1. Sounds like a great weekend Michelle. Good variety, fun and partially frugal. I had a pretty good weekend as well though not as varied. I’m ready for another one though and I took yesterday off! 😉

    • Michelle says:

      It was fantastic and nice to see my friend again! Usually my weekends are much more frugal but don’t take me far from home. It was nice to get out to an event and not spend tons of money, especially in Toronto.

      Weekends go by too fast don’t they? Maybe it should be the other way around…work two days and the rest is the “weekend” LOL

  2. hollyatclubthrifty says:

    My favorite frugal weekends are spent with the kids at home. We have a neighborhood pool and the kids are happy to swim all day long. Sometimes we pack a picnic and eat it there.


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