Five Funny Finance Pins

Let’s have some fun today! I was floating around Pinterest recently and came across some funny financial pins. You know, those financial faux pas that only your bestie would let tell you right to your face to stop doing or start.

act your wage cat money oscar wage quick money retire by 16

 Have a fantastic Wednesday! What are some of your fave Pins?


  1. morgaine80 says:

    I also wrote a post on Pinterest today. I don’t usually save pins for quotes, but those were some good ones :)

  2. Cute!

  3. Love this! Those last two literally made me burst out into laughter. Now my coworkers are looking at me strangely. :)

    • Michelle says:

      :) Ha ha! I’ve had those moments! People think you’ve utterly lost your mind for having a good laugh out loud. It’s like being happy is taboo. Shame on them! 😉

  4. Those are some great ones! Act your wage, hahahaha.

  5. Those are really funny! Thanks for sharing.

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