Can’t Live Without Stuff? Monday Morning Humor

For Monday, I wanted to start the week off with some humor because April is going to be a lot of hard-core pain trying not to spend a dime on clothing or anything frivolous. Many of you have said that it’s going to be hard going from spending to cold turkey on clothing; my belief is that it won’t be. I have the proper motivations, I want to change and I now have negative associations to shopping (my credit card bill).

When I had the lengthy discussion with my life coach friend, we got on the topic of debt, spending and the amount of stuff we like to accumulate in North America. The discussion took a more humorous note when we started talking about the George Carlin Stuff comedy skit. I’ve regularly discussed going minimal (which is what I’ve now done with my wardrobe), I can’t stand a lot of crap anymore, it’s as if my brain gets information overload being surrounded with too much crap. When you live with your parents in a 16 X 11 room, with your “stuff” boxed up in the basement, you learn to live without “stuff” and realize you no longer need it.

Enjoy!  *Warning there is cursing in the video.

“The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.”  ~ George Carlin

Do you have too much “stuff”? Have you learned to live without “stuff”?


  1. I love George Carlin. I love any comedian who makes you think. He certainly said a lot of things that really made you ponder. I wish we had more people like that around.

    • Michelle says:

      He’s hilarious! I read through some of his more popular quotes when trying to find the vid and got a good laugh!

  2. Cold turkey is the only way to go for clothes shopping. Drip doesn’t work, only for dividends.

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