6 Budget Success Tips from Inspirational Personal Finance Bloggers

budget pigWhat could be more fabulous than one personal finance blogger?

Lots of them!

We all need inspiration for sticking to our budgets and making our dreams a reality. On a daily basis, I read many personal finance blogs for motivation.  For the launch of Budget Bloggess, I asked my favorite personal finance bloggers  for their fave tips on budgeting.

Each of these bloggers offers up inspiration in their own unique way. One has just finished paying off over $28K in debt, another moved to Grenada to live a lower cost lifestyle, and another finds budgeting in the nude with your significant other financially fantastic. From A to Z they are all on my list of PF blogs to read – be sure to check them out!

When you’re finished, I would love to know your tips for budget success, be sure to leave a comment!

  1. My best money tip is to regularly tell yourself no. The world is filled with shiny things and awesome clothes (trust me, I know!) Yet, every time you buy something, you have to ask yourself if the purchase is helping you reach your goals. Most of the time, it doesn’t. I’m much more likely to buy an iPad to help me with my business than a pile of new shoes just because they are on sale. Practicality and discipline have been key in helping me reach my financial goals.” Cat Alford,  Budget Blonde 
  2.  “My favorite budgeting tip is to implement an automatic zero-based budget system, where money is automatically scheduled to be withdrawn directly after you receive each paycheck. This helps me better achieve my personal finance goals compared to traditional budgets which rely on taking out the money at the end of the pay period (when you may or may not have already spent it.” Jacob Irwin, My Personal Finance Journey 
  3.  “Your credit card is not a second bank account. One day, you’ll have to pay back what you charge to it. If you feel like you need to get your financial situation under control, start by tracking your spending. It’s incredible how writing down what you spend suddenly opens your eyes.” Cait Flanders, Blonde on a Budget
  4.  “It’s not about how much money you have it’s how you save it by using a budget and knowing how much money you have coming in and expenses going out it makes personal finance a lot less stressful than it needs to be. Budget Tip: Always revisit the budget weekly to input all data so you don’t fall behind and include projected expenses into the budget if you can so that you aren’t struggling for money when a bill comes due that is not budgeted for.” Mr. CBB, Canadian Budget Binder
  5.  “Don’t think of a budget as something that never allows you to spend money and punishes you when you overspend. Instead, think of it as a spending plan — a way for you to, not only spend money, but have room for fun financial goals, like travel and entertainment. Budgets are boring, spending plans are fun!” Carrie Smith, Careful Cents
  6.  “My budgeting tip if you suck at budgeting: Try doing it with a glass of wine in your hand. Or naked 😉 You might think I’m joking, but I’m not – everything’s MUCH more fun with some bubbly and/or no clothes! At the very least it’ll get your significant others’ attention and to finally take action – in more ways than none.” J. Money, Budgets Are Sexy

Thank you to each of these fantastic bloggers for taking time to share their fave budget tips with us. Remember to check out each of their sites.

What’s your budgeting tip? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Thanks so much for involving me in this!

  2. Thanks for including me in this, Michelle! It looks like you put me in some great company, too :) Happy Blogging!

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks Cait! It’s going to be fun with all of you! Looking forward to financial freedom like you have :)

  3. Thanks yo! Great list up there indeed. My fave is Carrie’s advice. It’s okay to spend money even w/ a budget!

    Rock on.

  4. Congrats on the launch of your new site Michelle! It looks great! And thanks for including me along with these other awesome bloggers.

  5. Cat Alford says:

    Awesome post! Thanks so much for including me! I enjoyed reading all of the other advice too. :) Congrats on the new job!

  6. Cat Alford says:

    **new blog!! 😉

  7. Thanks Michelle for asking me to participate in this post. Congratulations on your new blog and I look forward to your upcoming posts. Mr.CBB

  8. Hi Michelle, I found your blog after reading a comment by you on another blog (advertising really works! lol) I loooove the tips. My favorites are the last two by Carrie and J. Money. A spending plan really does sound better than a stale budget and I’m never against nudity (well, maybe in some cases). An additional tip that I’m stealing from a comment that I read earlier today is to use cash more often than you use debit or credit. A study found that we spend up to 30% more when using the plastic alternative. Those sneaky devils!

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I hardly use my debit card, I primarily use my credit card to collect the travel reward points. I love to travel so it works! :) I know it goes against most money rules but it teaches me willpower and to question what I purchase.

  9. We can always keep a track of the money that we spend by noting down all the expenses and keeping each and every bill. At the end of a month we will know how much we had spent for unnecessary things and thus we can plan our budget for the next month.
    – Rainer Proksch (http://mconception.com/blog/21_cant_track_your_money)

  10. Jessica says:

    Great article – I’m a little weak at walking away when it comes to shopping for nice clothes, shoes, bags, especially if they’re in the sale! But as you say, the purchase doesn’t help you reach your goals. It can however lift your spirit and enable your confidence to grow. Great article – really enjoyed reading this 😉

    • Michelle says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Don’t worry, you’re not alone! I have a difficult time walking away from fashion too

  11. Nelly Brown says:

    The best tip for budget success is to ask yourself if you really need to buy that beautiful gown from the boutique or showroom. Whenever, you go to buy something, start thinking about all the gowns that you already have in your wardrobe. Think about all the sacrifices that you’re making to save money. Think how you can achieve your financial goals by not making those extra purchases.

  12. Binary Options says:

    #4 is the best tip. In my experience, the money you own is not always easy to keep. Of course I want to buy new things for myself and for my family. What I did was I put my savings elsewhere- I invested in binary options. It helped me earn more money. More money, more savings!

  13. I like tip #3 Your credit card is not a second bank account, this is actually an statement some people forget, credit cards are a good short term (28) days financing tool.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Erik Flores recently posted…4 Pequeños negocios rentablesMy Profile


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